W2 @ Techicize.com

Going forward I have nothing but praise for the W2, with confidence I can state the W2 is the nicest looking case I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I’m slightly biased towards the design, as I’ve modded and hand-built a couple of case of the last few years. All of which have had a two chamber design because I like the visual appearance and the benefits it provides.

Visually on the outside, it’s perfect for my taste, no garish DVD bays in sight, no oversized buttons, and no-nonsense. I explained earlier my feelings about the location of the I/O and I stand by that statement, I can see why it might not appeal to everyone but honestly it’s not really a problem unless you make it one. The brushed panels and the overall shape of the W2 are in my mind perfect, again to echo what I said earlier, being able to remove them in seconds in a massive win.