Antiphon @ Ocaholic

The Cooltek Antiphon looks like a simple case, but it hides a few unexpected features, including the soundproofing material, three pre-installed 120mm fans, high quality materials and the fan controller. These are all features that you could expect on a more expensive case.

The build quality is very good and the Cooltek Antiphon is made out of solid steel, which proved to be sturdy during the installation of the system. The black paint finish gives it a simple and neat look, while the front aluminum panel gives a nice touch of elegance.

As far as design is concerned, we think that nobody could ever say something negative about the Cooltek Antiphon, mainly because it features a simple look, it has no strange details nor aesthetic flaws. It is a simple case, with an elegant look that could fit in any kind of environment. Those three pre-installed 120mm fans will not have any problems in keeping the temperatures at the right spot.

For this kind of price, we think the Antiphon is very good case, and it is able to ensure the maximum silence even for high-end rigs.

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