RM1 @ Techpowerup

To Jonsbo powered by Cooltek RM1 is a pretty nifty chassis. It is compact, light, all aluminum, and offers the ability to take in a fully sized ATX board. That is not without its share of compromises, though, as only six of seven expansion slots will be accessible, and you will loose the ability to install an optical drive. Cooltek even goes as far as to recommend the use of a mATX board to really reap the most benefits from the chassis. While this is true, we will take it if ATX is offered. Otherwise, Jonsbo could have just made this a mATX chassis, added a 120 mm or 140 mm air vent in the top and be done with it. Still, the ability to install a fully sized GPU and PSU and a big board make this a very interesting chassis for everyone wanting a compact gaming rig that won't look bad next to a TV in the living room.

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