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Mini-ITX has existed for years now as form factor, but a more recent phenomenon is the appearance of more versatile and capable motherboards in this size. Those make it possible to assemble your own compact computers, if you can find the right chassis of course.It's starting to become quite difficult to think of a good reason for needing one of those large full ATX chassis. Only the most avid gamers using two double-slot graphics and overclockers with extensive watercooling setups can really take advantage of all that space, even using the huge E-ATX form factor. But all other users don't need all that space.Mini-ITX motherboard measure only 17 cm x 17 cm and therefore don't require very large cases.

Different manufacturers also have quite different design philosophies. Cooltek emphasises small size and the use of standard components.Under the label "Cooltek - powered by Jonsbo" Cooltek present some new cases(U1, U2, and U3) in the compact category.These are aluminum-alloy cases .I received the U2 Window for review.

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