UMX2 @ Xtremesystems

I would assume the 140mm top fan could be swapped for a small radiator, allowing for some liquid cooling options. By using Anodized aluminum craft with simple, stylish and metallic design, UMX2 bring you strong visual enjoyment. While the airflow through the system is fine for a well constructed build, perfect cabling is going to take a while as space is tight in some areas.

The black looks just as nice as the silver variant and the possiblity of the windowed version just screams out to show your high-end hardware. The integrated dust filters will help keep your internals clean, helping ensure a long life for your new build, and the overall design is neat and simple. Installing low-end or mainstream parts is almost an insult to the Cooltek case. User friendly layout with tool-less access.Air intakes in the bottom and under the top allow for ideal air exchange.

Hidden cooling channels on the bottom show you the charm of endlessly innovative industrial design. Once closed, the case does clearly go for an understatement, but incredibly elegant look.

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