V4 @ Xtremesystems

Up until recently there have not been many truly impressive Micro-ATX products. This form factor was wedged uncomfortably between ATX and smaller form factors, like Mini-ITX (which I always found much more appealing), but lately Micro-ATX has start to come of its own. Products like the Coolcube Maxi, Cooltek's flagship Micro-ATX case, and new motherboards have made it possible to build a very solid computer system with most of the features of an ATX system, but considerably smaller.

The Cooltek Coolcube Maxi is a simplistic looking Mini-ITX case that is has the traditional black cube design that many SFF PCs have.Some of the most important trends that happening with mini enclosures right now can be found on Maxi. These can be seen in aspects of the Maxi′s design including the use of quiet cooling, an aluminum chassis, and a cool-but-classy exterior.

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