W2 @ Overclock3D

From the off we think it's fairly safe to say we're more than a bit taken with the aesthetics of the W2.  With so much un-boxing to be carried out and review work to be done it's a rare thing for us to simply sit back and drink in in the beauty of a case.  Even if its Steel chassis is wrapped in 2mm thick hair line brushed Aluminium panels, the beauty of the W2 is not just skin deep.  Inside we find a dual chamber design able to take motherboards from M-ITX all the way up to XL-ATX, a feature that is more than hinted at by the eight Chrome plated and vented PCI slot covers at the rear.  There’s also room for CPU coolers up to 163mm in height as well as GPUs up to 295mm long. If that's not enough, all you have to do is whip out the lower most of the two white bladed 140mm fans mounted in the front of the case and you can extend the maximum GPU length another 25mm taking it up to 320mm in total.

Whether you go for the Black or the natural Aluminium, with or without window there's not a shadow of a doubt that you'll be anything but massively impressed with the quality inherent in the W2.  The fit and finish are exceptional to the point where we'd say they are on a par with Silverstone and perhaps even Lian-li. 

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