W2 @ Play3r.net

Starting with the thermal performance the W2 performed exceptionally well especially considering there are no vents or any way to get air out through the top as standard. No doubt a modder with the right tools would be able to knock off a good few more degrees by adding some custom ventilation to the top. However, even without it the W2 still finds itself around the middle range of our benchmark results, which is great. The case is designed with proper water cooling in mind and once done right, the performance should only get better.

Now on to the design and the design of the W2 is second to none. Cooltek and Jonsbo really put their heads together when designing the W2 and the innovation and exceedingly amazing quality shines through in an all aluminium package. It really is hard for me to pick a place to start but here goes. Starting with the 2 x zones, this is an exceptional idea especially from a cooling and overall appearance stand point. While this is not a new idea, the way Cooltek bring it all together shows their innovation, take something great, and make it better is what I say.

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