W2 @ Xtremesystems

I never take anything for granted when i review, however with some manufacturers there are certain things i've come to expect. With Cooltek "Powered by Jonsbo" that certain something is quality. Not just good quality, but excellent quality.

This quality can be found in many areas of the case, but for me the standout areas are the superbly crafted Aluminium, the perfect panel fit, integrated fan controller and even such things as the separate inlet cooling channels. Cooltek are also known for their frequent deviation away from the conventional PC chassis layout in favour of a foray into something a bit more esoteric.

When i look at the competition i see that the 100 Euro's being asked for this case is a real bargain.I can say that is like no other mid tower case that I have seen in recent years, which is a good thing as innovation is the key to success.I have always been a fan of the Cooltek style that gives you plenty of features with a sleek style, and I would say that the W2 is no exception.

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